Hometown Exterior Designs is able to repair any construction defect on your home. Construction defects are usually building mistakes or design flaws that negatively affect or endanger the structure of your home. Some of the more common signs of defects are moisture and water intrusion, rotting and mold growth, as well obvious visual defects or cracks in cement work.

Our crew will take all necessary precautions to correct any issues with your home, and create new, structurally sound and beautiful replacements that will last for years to come!

Construction Defect Repairs | Hometown Exterior Designs - Portland, OR - Vancouver, WA

Our crews will repair any defective structure on your home!

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Hometown Exterior Designs understand that suffering fire and water damage to your home are traumatic enough for you and your family – without the added stress of how to repair the damages as well.

It’s especially necessary to work with professionals who are trained specifically in restoration services, due to the dangerous nature and complexities involved in rebuilding fire and water damaged structures. Hometown Exterior Designs has the knowledge and expertise to restore you home to like-new, structurally safe and sound condition. We’ll be ready to get to work as soon as the authorities give us the green light to begin work to get your home back to normal as soon as possible.

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Beginning in 1993, homeowners began to notice that their LP or Louisiana Pacific siding was beginning to turn black, come apart, and develop mushroom like growths and black stains. It was soon discovered that these mushrooms and stains were created by a type of fungus that thrives in LP siding specifically.

The crews at Hometown Exterior Designs specialize in LP siding replacement! We’ve done our research to find out how to properly replace this old siding to eliminate future rot problems in your home’s siding. We’ll make sure your home is not only beautiful, but free of fungus and safe for you and your family.