When Louisiana Pacific’s “cutting-edge” composite siding hit the market in 1985, it was praised for its easy installation, affordability and presumptive durability. However, in 1993 homeowners began to notice that their LP siding was beginning to turn black, come apart, and develop mushroom like growths and black stains. It was soon discovered that these mushrooms and stains were created by a type of fungus that thrives in LP siding specifically.

The LP Siding problems hit the Pacific Northwest first, in large part because of the amount of rainfall that the region receives: moisture and warmth added to the ideal conditions for fungal growth. Now other states in the South like Georgia are experiencing similar LP Siding issues.

The crews at Hometown Exterior Designs specialize in LP siding replacement! We’ve done our research to find out how to properly replace this old siding to eliminate future rot problems in your home’s siding. We’ll make sure your home is not only beautiful, but free of fungus and safe for you and your family.

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LP siding is dangerous for you and your home - we can fix it!

Rotten LP Siding Replacement | Hometown Exterior Designs - Portland, OR & Vancouver, WA


LP siding was predisposed to fungus growth from its initial manufacturing. The wood used in the siding itself was developed with a dormant fungus already living within it. It is also nearly impossible to completely seal LP siding at the time of installation. Because of this, water is able to “wick” around the edges and under the bottom of LP siding into the unsealed wood – causing it to become moist and often waterlogged. Warm weather (or even a warm interior temperature) activates the growth of the dormant fungus already in the wood. As the fungus grows, it forces the LP siding apart, creates delamination, and even attacks nails and studs. If left untreated, mushrooms will begin to grow on the siding. If this happens, the damage to your siding is very serious and in need of immediate replacement.

Rotten LP Siding | Hometown Exterior Designs - Portland, OR & Vancouver, WA


First, you’ll need to decide if you want to tear off your LP siding or leave it on. Full LP siding removal is the best way to ensure complete eradication of and fungus. You should always remove lap or board siding – since this siding is most likely to damage the substructures of your home. However, if you have 4 x 8 sheets of LP siding – leave them on. The affected sections (usually the bottoms) will need to be cut off and replaced and the substructure should be treated with a fungicide to prevent future growth. We make sure to treat your home with a fungicide regardless of if you choose to fully or partially replace your LP siding. We’ll also properly seal your home before any new installations to provide additional protection against air and water infiltration.


Many upset homeowners filed claims to have their LP Siding replaced, but never received replacement siding or any assistance from Louisiana Pacific itself. This led to a class action lawsuit against Louisiana Pacific, which resulted in a $25 million settlement. If you have LP Siding on your home and have not settled, you can still file a warranty claim. However, you must not replace your siding before filing. Our siding experts will help walk you through the claims process and make sure you get the replacement siding you’re entitled to!


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