From the outside, our house looks almost new; it’s enough to make me think it might sometimes be possible to make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear. From the outset, the company was straightforward about what the work would entail and how it was to be done. Once agreed upon, the work was begun promptly and carried out diligently and conscientiously. Jerry, who did the roofing, made sure we knew that the roof as originally sheeted was not structurally sound, and made arrangements with us to add the additional sheeting to make it structurally sound. The roof looks superb. Mark, who did the siding, always answered our questions and helped us understand what was possible, considering that our house is almost 60 years old and consequently has some challenging design quirks. We’ve received numerous compliments from our neighbors. We noticed even before the job was done that the house was cooler than it would have been without the new siding. We’re looking forward to seeing how much less heating oil we consume during the colder months. Additionally, various little things were done for us that made us feel as though Hometown Exterior designs was really paying attention specifically to us and our needs, and not simply doing a job. More than once during the course of this work, I reflected how great it was to be coming home to a house that looked newer every day.